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If you're ready to move your career forward, we have a program for you.

HBX brings online business education to life through the use of our proven case study method and our innovative, student-centered platform. Our programs are designed to give you the fluency, skills, and confidence needed to fully participate and succeed in the world of business. Whether that means a seat in the boardroom or the skills to excel in an MBA program - HBX gives you the tools you need to belong wherever you aspire to be. Explore our program offerings below.

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Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen

 Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen will strengthen your capacity to make innovation a reality and unlock your potential to create winning strategies.

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Disruptive Strategy is best for:

  • Managers

  • Anticipate disruption in your industry and unlock your potential to create winning strategies.
  • Entrepreneurs

  • Manage your own venture armed with the knowledge of disruption theory. Learn techniques for disrupting established industries.
  • Committed Learners 

  • Successful candidates will hold an undergraduate degree or will have successfully completed HBX CORe.

Leading with Finance

Leading with Finance will help you build an intuitive understanding of finance so you can make and communicate better financial decisions with key stakeholders.

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Leading with Finance is best for:

  • Finance Professionals

  • Update your knowledge of finance in order to grow your career.
  • Managers

  • Take a look at your business from a deeper financial perspective, and gain the skills and confidence needed to convey better decisions.
  • Committed Learners 

  • Successful candidates will hold an undergraduate degree, be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, or will have successfully completed HBX CORe.

Negotiation Mastery

Negotiation Mastery will hone your negotiation skills and allow you to maximize value for your organization and yourself.

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Negotiation Mastery is best for:

  • Current Negotiators

  • Identify your own negotiating strengths and weaknesses. Sharpen your skills to advance your career.
  • Managers

  • Refine your negotiation skills and learn to craft agile strategy. If you are moving to a new role, become better equipped for negotiation. Connect with leaders from around the world.
  • Committed Learners 

  • Successful candidates will hold an undergraduate degree or will have successfully completed HBX CORe.

Credential of Readiness (CORe)

CORe (Credential of Readiness) is our primer on business fundamentals. No matter your field, you'll learn the essential business concepts you need to succeed.

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CORe is best for:

  • College Students & New Graduates

  • Add value to your degree and prepare to enter the workforce.
  • Pre-MBA

  • Explore the case study method. Strengthen your application and be prepared on day one.
  • Early Career

  • Learn critical areas of business to advance your career.
  • Mid-Career

  • Apply your learning to your current role. Prepare for your next step.

What Sets HBX Apart?

The HBX course platform has been designed to bring the dynamism of the HBS classroom to online learning—and deliver transformational educational experiences that empower you to apply your learning.



Learning in the HBX platform is active, featuring a wide range of interactive learning tools. You won’t find long lectures in an HBX program. You will engage with a different activity approximately every 3 to 5 minutes—all purposely designed to help you learn more.

Social Network


The HBX social learning platform connects you to a supportive global network of fellow participants who engage actively in online discussions, shared insights, and peer feedback.



Hear firsthand from executives through real world case studies developed specifically for HBX programs. Discover insights and deepen your understanding as you step into the role of a business leader.


Edge-of-your-seat learning. World-class content.

Each activity on the highly visual HBX course platform is purposefully designed to keep you engaged, as you encounter a new activity every 3-5 minutes. You watch short, highly produced videos featuring Harvard Business School faculty and top business executives, see concepts come to life through interactive graphs and exercises, and discuss concepts with your peers as you progress through the lessons. There are dynamic animations, reflections, faculty insights, and cold calls to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The HBX course platform brings business education to life.

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