We hope you enjoyed your experience in Leading with Finance at Harvard Business School Online. Please review the information on this page for any questions you may have about what comes next.

Certificate Eligibility

    • Am I eligible for Certificate of Completion?

      All participants who successfully met all course deadlines and thoughtfully engaged with the course material are eligible for a Certificate of Completion. After the final deadline of the course, our team will take up to 30 days to review all participant coursework. You will be notified via email regarding your certificate eligibility once this review is complete. We encourage you to add hbsonlinesupport@hbs.edu to your safe senders list if you have not already done so. We appreciate your patience. 

    • If I am eligible for a certificate, when will it be sent out?

If you are eligible for a Certificate of Completion, our team will notify you. After this notification, you can expect to be contacted by our certificate vendor, the Michael Sutter Company (MSC), within approximately two weeks. After updating your address with MSC, your order should be shipped out within 10-14 days. Please note that our free certificate shipments are sent via United States Postal Service First Class Mail and may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive once dispatched; shipment tracking is not available.

Once contacted by the Michael Sutter Company, you also will be able to download a digital version of your certificate. Please note that this document cannot be printed.

    • My employer or school requires proof I have taken this course. What can I do?

We encourage you to download a Course Verification Form at any time from your Administrative Dashboard. If your employer requires that this document come from our team directly, contact us at hbsonlinesupport@hbs.edu. Please note that we cannot expedite our final review of coursework to indicate your certificate eligibility on this document.

Once our eligibility review is complete and you have been contacted by our certificate vendor, the Michael Sutter Company (MSC), you may also wish to send along the digital version of your Certificate of Completion to your employer. This is document is provided by MSC and is a wonderful resource that can be used in tandem with the Course Verification Form. 

Typically, the Course Verification Form and the digital certificate satisfy professional requirements. We cannot guarantee that these documents will satisfy requirements in an an educational setting. Transcripts are not offered for Leading with Finance.

    • Does HBS Online provide letters of recommendation from faculty for course participants?

Unfortunately, Harvard Business School faculty are unable to provide letters of recommendation for HBS Online participants. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause. 

Course Access and Materials

    • How long do I have access to Leading with Finance?

Once the final deadline of the course has passed, you can access the course and all related materials for 60 days from the final deadline.

    • Where can I find the key takeaway documents for my course?

You can find takeaway documents for Leading with Finance in the following locations:

        • Module 1 (section 1.6.1)
        • Module 2 (section 2.6.1)
        • Module 3 (section 3.6.1)
        • Module 4 (section 4.6.1)
        • Module 5 (section 5.8.1)
        • Module 6 (section 6.6.1)
        • Capstone Assignment
          • On the page after the answer key, there is a link to download a full course takeaway document for Modules 1-6.

We strongly encourage you to download these resources before your course access expires.

    • Will I be notified before access expires?

Yes, our team will contact you via email to remind you about your access to the course.

Staying Connected

    • How can I keep in touch with HBS Online?

Just because your course is over doesn't mean your experience with HBS Online has to be! Consider joining HBS Online Community to connect with other participants and passionate business learners in your local area, or sign up for our Working Knowledge newsletter

Once certificate eligibility is complete, all new certificate earners will also have the opportunity to join our Facebook and LinkedIn networking groups. We'll be in touch via email regarding these networking opportunities.