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6 Expert Study Tips from Past Students

Posted by HBX on January 29, 2016 at 8:26 AM


Six HBX CORe participants share study tips to help incoming students get the most out of their learning experience.

1. Supercharge your learning environment

I had three screens up when on the HBX platform: one for the closed Facebook group, one for the HBX platform, and one for taking notes (take lots of notes)!


2. Organize and prioritize


Identify deadlines for quizzes and writing assignments, and make sure to pay attention to "max effort" weeks with multiple deadlines.

3. Take notes


Get three notebooks (one for each course) and make drawings, conceptualize things, and re-write the notions you have learned with your words. Writing down the material with your own language will force you to understand and increase the odds you'll remember the thing you learn in the long run.

4. Use peer help


Use that tab for peer engagement! As a philosophy major who graduated all the way back in 2011, having the "extra help" of some seriously smart and engaged students was invaluable. At times, it also was reassuring that I was not the only one struggling with certain elements of the classes.

5. Understand why you're taking CORe

You can complete the coursework quickly if you wish, or you can instead spend a good amount of time going through the material. The entire value lies in completely immersing yourself in the coursework so that once you have completed the course, you're equipped with the right toolkit to tackle the business problems in your life.

6. Apply your knowledge

Learn in CORe and try to apply that knowledge in the real world. It will help you in your learning and will also give you new and interesting insights. Don’t shy away from extra assignments you may get in CORe, you will see the benefits.

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