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Behind the Scenes of HBX DRIVEN

Posted by HBX on January 10, 2017 at 10:31 AM


We sat down with HBX Creative Director Chris Linnane to discuss our new video series, DRIVEN.

What were you hoping to achieve with DRIVEN?

We based the series around the question of, "If you were to randomly share a cab for a few minutes with a high-powered businessperson, what would you ask them?" We then decided to ask these business leaders about an "aha" moment in their careers. Ultimately, we wanted to capture something that was both candid and reflective, something that would give viewers food for thought as they contemplate their own careers.

Beyond that, in terms of creativity, we wanted to make something that was cool, unique, flexible, and cost-effective.

What was your most memorable moment in making the series?

We did a big exit with Gordon Ramsay at the end of filming. He had a great delivery on camera, but when he went to open the car door, he couldn't get out. I had left the child safety lock on! He swore at me, and I see that as a badge of honor. It had nothing to do with filming - I had done my job well - but I still got yelled at by Gordon Ramsay! That was a good day.

What's next from HBX?

We will be releasing DRIVEN videos with leaders from a wide range of industries each week through the middle of March. We are also working on a new series with a similar vibe, something fun and spontaneous, that features students and faculty. We're also playing around with cool new animations. Stay tuned to see what's next!