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Students share their CORe "Classrooms"

Posted by HBX on April 2, 2015 at 4:02 PM

Elizabeth, Conor, Dan, Michael, and Sam share their favorite locations to work on CORe and explain a little about they've chosen that spot as their "classroom." 

I have found that so far I have an ebbing and flowing relationship with the CORe material.  There are times where I feel confident and like I am making good headway, and at those times I like to go study at my favourite local bookshop that doubles as a café, Trident (for anyone in the Boston area Trident is a gem that should be used for all studying, working or thinking activities). Weeknights and weekends at Trident tend to look something like this:


There are also times where I find myself using the peer help tool repeatedly as I connect with my fellow CORe members around the world to try to unearth some of the more complex and detailed learning points in the different modules.  

During these times, I tend to study from a more quiet and secluded location, i.e. my living room table, so that I can not lose an ounce of my focus to anything other than CORe – this also allows for more creative study breaks, think dance party of one to, “I’m Walking on Sunshine”. Days and nights at home tend to look a little more like this:



This is the interior of a French bakery in the city center of Vilnius, Lithuania.  Every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:30 to 10:00 I teach at a public relations company nearby.  

I usually duck in here right after to work on CORe for about an hour or so.  I grab a coffee and croissant and get to it.  At this mid morning time there aren't a lot of people so I'm able to concentrate.  While I do most of my work at home I find this place to be my favorite location to work on CORe.




Sunday 12:26 AM.

Here is the view from my apartment. What you see is probably the last tramway for tonight. I have just finished the module 3 called "Suppliers and Cost" in Economics for Managers, and in the morning I will take the quiz for this Econ module.  

I have learned many things throughout this module: fixed versus variable costs, relative costs analysis, supply curves, and scale economies. Unfortunately, at 2:00 AM, it will be 3:00 AM. Tonight we switch to daylight saving time. Time to go to bed.



Typically you can find me working on coursework from my desk at home, but my personal favorite place to work on CORe is at Starbucks, just down the street from my place.

Starbucks, with its familiar aroma of coffee and warm atmosphere, allows me to get a cup of coffee to enjoy while studying, to get out of the distractions of the house, to take a walk to clear my mind of anything else going on, and then plug in my headphones and go to work!



I do some sections of CORe work from coffee shops, but I primarily work on modules in my basement. It's a quiet part of the house with a nice view out the window, and I feel more productive when I have one spot where I focus on learning.  

My study buddy is Marley the cat.  



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