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HBX CORe - It's a Small World After All

Posted by HBX on February 11, 2016 at 1:12 PM


When you sign up for CORe, you join a group of motivated learners from around the globe. The process of peer-to-peer learning that is so effective in the Harvard Business School classrooms comes to life on our interactive online platform where participants help support one another throughout the program.


What does social learning looks like in CORe?

  • Engage with your cohort. Check out the CORe map and read the profiles of your learning network.
  • Stuck on a particular concept? Post a peer help question and receive insightful responses.
  • Read about your peer’s reflections to course concepts as you progress through the modules.
  • See who’s online and schedule a Skype call with your new study buddy on the other side of the world.
  • Post topical articles and network through the cohort’s closed Facebook group.
  • Not the only student in your area? Host or attend an in-person meetup to help deepen the bonds that are made on the platform.

We hear it all the time – the community in CORe, with participants from all possible backgrounds and geographies, is truly tremendous.

HBX Faculty Chair Bharat Anand recently spoke with Sramana Mitra from One Million by One Million where he shared his views on what makes the HBX approach to online learning so different. Read the interview HERE.

Won't you join us and experience it yourself?

Learn more about HBX CORe

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