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HBX Courses: The First Year [Infographic]

Posted by HBX on June 17, 2015 at 5:05 PM

HBX Team poses with Clay Christensen at the end of his Disruptive Strategy studio shoot. Photo courtesy of Starpilot Productions LLC
Photo courtesy of StarPilot Productions LLC

Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise (BSSE), based on the teachings of Clayton M. Christensen, is one of the most popular courses at Harvard Business School. The HBX team was thrilled to work with Clay to develop an online version of his course, Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensenas the first offering from HBX Courses. 

Since launching in June 2014, organizational teams from more than 25 companies have taken the course and used it to help solve their most difficult strategic challenges. 

Initially, Willy Shih and Chet Huber, who teach BSSE with Clay and helped develop Disruptive Strategy, wondered whether HBX could replicate the live, interactive HBS classroom experience in an online platform. 

"I have been amazed at how well it seems to work," said Huber. "While I’m not sure anything can beat a live discussion, the combination of mini-lectures, video cases and interactive sessions do a great job – and have some unique advantagesTailoring the material to a firm’s unique situation, and engaging each student individually (including cold calls) is something I wish I could do with 90 students in a classroom."

"The thing that shocked me on Disruptive Strategy was the idea that the HBX product had the potential to be BETTER than the classroom product," Shih added.  "It’s a comprehensive, scalable way to simultaneously bring our BSSE material to life for an entire organization, mapped across their unique competitive situation."

For John Woodson, Assistant Director of Disruptive Strategy, the response from early participants has been a huge motivator. "I heard from a recent participant that Disruptive Strategy was one of the top three executive education programs he has ever been apart of," he said. "The impact the course is having on organizations like athenahealth and Intuit has been rewarding to see." 

The range of companies that were able to benefit from the program in the first year shows the potential for HBX to reach a wider audience and allow more organizations to put Clay's theories into practice. 

“I put [my content] on the HBX platform because if I don’t do that, then every year at maximum 900 people will be exposed to the theories," Christensen said. "...and many more people need to have access.” 

Here are some of the highlights from the first year of HBX Courses:

HBX Courses - The first year in numbers

This post is a part of our HBX Year One series celebrating the one year anniversary of the public launch of HBX. Don't miss our other infographics on HBX, CORe, and Live! 

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