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Introducing CORE's April Cohort Bloggers!

Posted by HBX on May 15, 2015 at 9:11 AM

This week we introduce our newest HBX CORe bloggers from our April Cohort: Nisha, Jocelyn, and Julian. They will be blogging for us during their 11 week CORe cohort, detailing their experiences and helping shed some light on their learnings and takeaways from the program.  Stay tuned for their latest blog posts!


Nisha Patel

Pursuing a Master of International Marketing at Hult International School of Business


Master of International Marketing - Hult International School of Business ‘15
Bachelor of Arts Global Studies - Arizona State University ‘12


I am 25 year old Indian born and brought up in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I currently live in West End Boston overlooking the harbor and TD Garden (hockey anyone?). Before moving to Boston, I lived in New York City for two and a half years. I’ve also lived in Penang, Bangalore and Bangkok – I absolutely love traveling and exploring new cultures.

I am a vegetarian who loves baking and cooking. Aside from food, my passions include fashion, social responsibility and adventure. When I’m not pulling all-nighters writing papers or highlighting case studies, I like to paint, do DIY projects, go kayaking, practice yoga and go for sunset/sunrise swims. I have one younger brother who is currently in his junior year of undergrad at Arizona State University.

If I could describe my professional background in two words, they would be: social responsibility. When I graduated with my Bachelors, I had accumulated 500+ hours of community service. I traveled a lot internationally for a study abroad program, an internship and a Triumvirate (similar to Model UN) and worked with all types of bodies from local communities and nonprofits to governmental organizations understanding key international issues such as social development, sustainability, literacy and women’s rights.

Current Situation

In 2014, I wanted to make a career transition into the corporate industry and I decided the best way to do that is to get a master’s degree. Simultaneous to my studies, I am volunteering for an organization and interning for another organization to gain more field work experience before applying for full-time jobs.

What do you hope to get out of HBX CORe?

What you put in is what you get out of it – that’s what my parents have always told me. I hope to put 110% effort and time into HBX CORe so I can get more than just knowledge out of it.

“I hope to gain confidence in conveying the fundamentals of business and a solid understanding of the application of theory to the real world in any industry."

 I am already experiencing the benefits of having an international, cyber-cohort and I hope to continue strengthening my cross-cultural communication skills as well as my team player skills.

What's on the career horizon for you?

Mid-way through my master’s program I realized that I needed to figure out a way to leverage my peers (MBA students) who I would soon be competing with for jobs because I lack professional experience and business knowledge.

When I read about HBX CORe, I knew it was the perfect program to supplement my international marketing knowledge and non-profit experience. After graduating, I am planning on applying and starting a full-time job in Atlanta, GA in the fields of marketing and communication.

More and more, there has been an increase in the use of Big Data in marketing and employers are hiring people that understand the importance and value of data analysis. HBX CORe’s Business Analytics course (along with Financial Accounting and Economics for Managers) will help me gain and communicate certain skills needed to manage numbers, data and finances.


Jocelyn Johnson

Working in Marketing/Social Media for an edtech startup in NYC


B.A. in Anthropology with a certificate in African American Studies - Princeton University


Last summer, I began working with Story2, an edtech startup that brings together the art and neuroscience of storytelling to empower individuals to unlock their best admission results and professional opportunities.

As an anthropology major, I developed a love and appreciation for storytelling and find it to be one of the most intriguing cultural forms. I now get to help students from all backgrounds discover and share the stories that make them who they are. 

Current Situation

I currently live and work in New York City, the city that never sleeps. There is so much to do here, and so many opportunities to learn something new, grow as a person, and make a difference. There’s really no other place in the world like NYC.

What do you hope to get out of HBX CORe?

Majoring in anthropology, I did not have a lot of exposure to business concepts during undergrad. 

“But in the few years I have been out of school, I have found that being able to understand key business principles is essential, especially in the startup world."

CORe will not only enable me to stretch myself academically and provide me with a solid foundation in major business concepts as I plan to apply to graduate school in the fall. But, CORe will also equip me with the accounting, economic, and analytical skills that will enable me to take on new leadership roles at my job and gain new professional experiences. 

What's on the career horizon for you?

In the fall, I plan to apply to graduate school to pursue a joint MBA and MEd in Education Leadership and Policy. After completing graduate school, I want to start my own non-profit that empowers minority youth and combats the minority education gap.



Julian Tan

Recently completed my PhD and starting work at The Boston Consulting Group in London


Bachelor of Arts, Master of Engineering - University of Oxford
PhD of Engineering - University of Cambridge


My name is Julian Tan and I am from Malaysia. I grew up in a suburban city just outside my nation’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. For as long as I can remember, I have been passionately curious about the world around me. I am addicted to learning.

I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford in Engineering Science. I specialized in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. Following that, I pursued a PhD at the University of Cambridge, researching the micromechanics of composite materials. My project was funded by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and involved developing novel experimental and numerical solutions to aid in the design process of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s wing structure.

Outside work, I love playing tennis, making origami and writing. I have an Instagram account (@julianlipyi) where I post my origami’s and give them away to fundraise for a literacy charity. I occasionally write for the Huffington Post UK as well.

Current Situation

I completed my PhD less than a week before the start of CORe and currently have 4 months to publish my PhD work, take some time off on holiday, graduate and pick up some relevant skills doing CORe before joining the Boston Consulting Group as a Junior Consultant in September.

What do you hope to get out of HBX CORe?

The timing of CORe couldn’t be any better! The nature of the course also means that I get to take time off to rejuvenate, yet also make productive use of my time.

“As a classically trained scientist with limited business experience, I believe CORe is a fantastic way to invest in myself and help bridge the gap between being the scientist I am right now and the consultant I need to be in September."


What's on the career horizon for you?

I will be joining the Boston Consulting Group in London this September.


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